Our Philosophy

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it is getting. Don’t like the results? Change the system…

We believe it all starts with leadership.

Do you have an organization of Leaders? Or is it an organization of Managers?

  1. Managers are not the same things as Leaders, and too often the two are conflated. This can cause the wrong people to be in the wrong roles and stifle the creativity and productivity of a team.
  2. While many organizations may have a Management Training Process, they rarely have a formal Leadership Training and Development Process.
  3. Most Leadership Training and Development is focused downstream from the source. It is focused on behaviors rather than what is going on behind the scenes. Typically, this is because there is a lack of skill and system to dive deep enough to correctly lead people to the source of fixing their challenges, opting instead to try and manage the symptoms of those challenges.
  4. Most, if not all, Leadership Training and Development is acute and ad hoc. It may get a group fired up but lacks the staying power to effect any lasting change in the leadership culture of an organization. No formal system and no reinforcement means that any gains that may have been made will be lost over time (statistically, an average of 5-6 weeks).
  1. Effective organizations begin with effective people. Effective people begin with Mission.
  2. A structured approach to the teaching and reinforcement of Virtuous Leadership Skills and Characteristics.
  3. Implementation of a Shared Leadership Model that will empower faster growth for the organization.

At G3L we employ a unique Leadership Development Methodology to help create Organizational Acceleration. We challenge the status quo and help shift company culture to get the absolute best out of everyone in the company